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OP/ED a Day #89: Focus - Garo the Animation

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Quick question, how many you have been following Garo the Animation this anime season? If you have, then you would have noticed the amazing openings and endings the show has, along with the interesting characters and great animation… though I wish I had more time to actually finish it…


In any case, if you've gotten past the fantastic midway point in the series, you might have started to fear that the great opening and ending were going to get replaced by worse ones, like it so happens in many other animes, but man, you will be in for a treat. The second opening is just plain fantastic with its jazzy style, but the second ending is by far one of my favorite anime endings in most recent memory.

The second ending has this hypnotic techno sound to it, which just makes me want to sing along to it. The visuals are still images, but they look so cool and the part where Alfonso switches in and out of the golden armor is so awesome. Garo the Animation is a show has an amazing sound track that compliments that style of the animation and the tone of the show that needs to be experienced at least once.

Title: Focus | Artist: Shotaro Morikubo | Show: Garo the Animation

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