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OP/ED A Day #86: Uninstall - Bokurano Ours

Title: Uninstall | Artist: Chiaki Ishikawa| Show: Bokurano

Description: This is the opening to the 2007 deconstruction of the Mecha Genre Bokurano, and it's an amazing OP that perfectly captures the mood of the show, and it's one of my favorites.


Why I picked it: Uuuunnnninstalll..... Uuuuunnnninstallll.... why wouldn't I pick this? When a show has an opening so memorable that you're humming for days on end and hits you hard with emotions every time you see it, I kinda have to mention it. Hell, it was so good that I even mentioned it quite a bit in my review, which still pretty much sums up my thoughts:

Bokurano has one of the best opening songs I've seen in a long time. The opening "Uninstall", captures the tone of the show perfectly, and it sounds nice to boot. I thought a really really nice touch of the opening is that it actually used footage from the show, which means they did the whole show before the opening just to make the opening better, and that effect really works. It sets the mood for the episode, and it's like a place marker to see how far you've gone. It's a stellar opening.

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