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OP/ED A Day #84 - Shoushou Innocence

Title: Shoushou Innocence |Artist: Maaya Uchida|Show: Akuma no Riddle

Akuma no Riddle was an interesting show, although it ended up not panning out in the end. However, one part of it I've always loved was its opening theme. I usually don't like the high-pitched Japanese female vocals some songs have, but this song had an interesting metal twist that actually worked really well. In fact, the theme was what got me to watch the show in the first place, I heard it on youtube a couple of weeks into the spring season and decided to go for it. I think that the music from Akuma no Riddle alone made it worth watching for me, but that's just me being overly into these things. Enjoy the full version, which I have posted above.


(sorry for the late post, I had this scheduled for tomorrow by accident WHOOPS)

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