OP/ED A Day #82: Orange - Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April finished last week much to the chagrin of many here at Ani-TAY, so it only felt appropriate to feature this show's second ED Orange.

Orange is performed by 7!! (Seven Oops) and was released as a single on February 11th 2015. It was used as the ED for episodes 12-21 of Your Lie in April, with an acoustic version used in episode 22.


Why Did I Choose It?

It's tough to get explain why without spoilers, but I'll do my best. Within the context of the show it expresses quite a bit of sadness on the part of Kaori as she struggles onward. Especially given the story of this cour, this ending really helps to express her perspective. In particular her submergence in the water is an apt metaphor for her illness, making the scenery a meaningful representation the second cour. This is not the first time submergence is used to convey the feelings of a character as Kousei visualizes himself at the bottom of an ocean to represent his feelings of inadequacy and suffocation by feelings toward his mother and Kaori.

I had to feature this ending considering that Your Lie in April just ended, perhaps it will help me come to terms with my emotions it finishing its run. It's a great send off to my favourite show of all time.


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