OP/ED A Day #8: Somewhen, Some Worlds With You

Title: Somewhen, Some Worlds With You | Artist: Fhana | Anime: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostile Behavior

This song is what catapulted Fhana to the top of my list of favorite Japanese bands. The lead singer, Towana, has this incredibly smooth voice and can change pitches with literally zero hesitation or readjustment, and this song showcases that brilliantly. Combine that with of the accompanying male voice, piano, and strings and you have the reason why it currently sits at the top of my iTunes playlist (which I reset every few months) at about 400 plays. The band actually has a studio album coming out in a few weeks, and if you know me at all you should know that I'm not going to keep quiet about it.


Kawai Complex is a story about a high schooler who moves into the building in hopes of leading a perfect high school life, but the wacky residents shake up his plans quite substantially. For Koda's review, click here.

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