Title: Yatterman's Song | Artist: Saemon Onyakichi| Show: Yatterman 2008

Description: When Yatterman got a reboot in 2008, it also got some pretty kickass openings, some that I've been listening to repeat since I found them. Honestly, I hear this and all I think of is JAM project, as the vocals on this are just like it.


Why I picked it: After Yatterman Night blew me away with how well it handles tone, it made me quite a bit curious about the world it was in, so I looked on Youtube and found these... serously though, a better question would be why didn't I pick this? It sounds awesome, the visuals are just fantastic, and it's extremely stylistic, something I adore. I'm a big fan, and I've been listenig to it quite a bit.

Title: Yatterman's Song | Artist: Masayuki Yamato| Show: Yatterman 2008

Description: Yatterman 2008 had a few OPs during it's run, all of them being a variation of the first one that I posted there, but for the last few episodes, they got to charm us even more with the original 70's OP and it works well here.

Why I picked it: When I heard this after watching Yatterman Night, I couldn't think of anything but how this sounds exactly like old Asian communist propaganda songs, and in the context of Yatterman Night, it's absolutely perfect XD. But yeah, it sounds pretty great with it's 70s charm. I really wanted to mention it because of how awesome it is, and because I've been listening to it on repeat for a while here....

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