Title: The Liberation Of Gracemeria | Composer: Keiki Kobayashi | Show: Ace Combat 6

I’ve been on something of an Ace Combat binge over the past few days; playing through 4, 5 and Zero. Fantastic games, and a franchise which needs more attention (Give us the full version of 3 dammit! As a remake! And no more real world shite, Strangereal only!) But arguably, a series known for its superlative music reached new heights, as yet unsurpassed, with this track. Whilst the game itself did not break new ground (aside from giving fans a new instinctive hate: “Go dance with a...” SHUT THE FUCK UP!) this piece of music and the mission it gives its name to deserve a place in the list of Ace Combat defining moments.

Now go find a copy of 5 and play it. Right now.