Title: DREAMS | Artist: Romantic Mode | Show: After War Gundam X

Description: After War Gundam X is one of the most chronically overlooked Gundam shows in the franchise's history. It aired just under a year after the conclusion of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and was basically completely forgotten in the west due to Wing's overwhelming popularity. Wing was about a world at war, Gundam X is about a world where war has already destroyed everything.

Yeah. On the plus side it's not directed by old Tomino.

Why You Picked it: Gundam X is usually overlooked, especially in the wake of Gundam Wing, so it seemed wrong to not give it at least a little time in the spotlight. The opening has a good beat and the animation is pretty good. All-around though, the opening feels a lot like the show itself. Its quality control is a bit iffy, but it's getting its point across well. While it never quite reaches greatness, it has a lot of bright moments.