Title: Sorairo Days | Artist: Shoko Nakagawa | Anime: Tengan Toppa Gurran Lagann

Hello all!

Kinksy filling in for today's OP/ED for the day and instead of picking something for filler I've decided to post on of my all time favourite anime songs from one of my all time favourite anime. (It also fits nicely in to Mecha March and my promise of using an actual Japanese song this time.)

I'm not really sure what I can say about this opening that will do justice for how much I love it. I've always been into my rock music and the opening guitar riff is great. There's also a lot of subtle lead guitar work throughout which is another thing I love. The full version from the Second movie takes the greatness of this song beyond the impossible by adding lush string section breakdown and a guitar solo after the second chorus.