Title: Nanairo Symphony | Artist: Coala Mode | Anime: Your Lie in April

In the spirit with all of the romance themed OP/ED's this last month, I've decided to go with Nanairo Symphony, which is turning out to be one of the most under appreciated OPs in recent memory. Nanairo Symphony is by Coala Mode and marks their big label debut, being used for episode 12-22 of Your Lie in April. There are two slightly different versions of the opening, a "day version" and a "night version". Enjoy!

Why did I pick this OP?


It really needs some love. You see, Nanairo Symphony has a number of great elements; a pleasing and surpringly catchy melody, amazing visuals during the chorus and a poignant meaning. However it suffers because of the crime of having to be the opening which follows Hikaru Nara by Goose house which was the opening for the first cour of the show and my personal favourite OP of all time. I was inclined to dislike Nanairo Symphony right from the start for not being Hikaru Nara, but I found that it quickly wormed its way into my head regardless. I think it succeeds precisely because it doesn't try to be Goose house or match the bombastically brassy tones of its predecessor, instead delivering a more subdued song that picks up during the chorus to convey its own perspective on the show's emotion.

Why is this song romantic?

Besides the fact that is functions as the OP for a romance anime, the song describes the experience and joy of playing music together with someone else, in this case perfectly describing the relationship between Kousei and Kaori in the series. Plus at the end you see hand-holding but I didn't need to tell you that.


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