Title: Dango Daikazoku | Artist: Chata| Show: Clannad

Description: If you've seen Clannad in some point of your life, you'll know these songs, both being beautiful songs that shows the full spectrum of emotions evoked throughout this show. When you hear them, emotions will be evoked.

Why I picked it: This is one of the most impressive, the most impactful endings I've ever seen, and whenever you have a discussion on endings, this is one I think has to be mentioned. A happy, cheery soundtrack that is extremely catchy and memorable... but as the show goes on, so does the emotional dissonance between the show. It's always a happy ED, but comes up right after an emotional scene so I, like most people always will remember it as a proxy for the sad scenes and can't help but cry when I see it. It does so much right, it captures everything that makes Clannad so great, and I just love it. One of the most ideal EDs out there and one of the best. It also topped Arkada's ED list!

Title: Toki Wo Kizamu Uta | Artist: Lia| Show: Clannad After Story

Why I picked it: Toki Wo Kizamu Uta lingers in my heart as the song that perfectly represents After Story, and my ideal for an OP. It does an amazing job at capturing the essence of the show, it does a great job at presenting itself in a way you'll take it seriously, it's beautiful, and the vocals just hit it out of the park. This is what an OP should strive for, to be totally in sync with the show it represents while being absolutely phenomenal. I love it.


PS: Like Last Regrets, both Dango Daikazoku and Toki Wo Kizamu Uta also has a classical cover, and it's just stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Take a listen! Also, because Clannad has one of my favorite soundtracks, and there's so many more amazing tracks to talk about, I can't just do one OP/ED about it. I have planned a new article series called Soundtrack Spotlight to go over everything I love about it, so look forward to that, whenever I get to it.