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OP/ED A Day #50: - Crossing Field - Sword Art Online

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Title: Crossing Field | Artist: LiSA | Anime: Sword Art Online

Crossing Field is the first OP for Sword Art Online, and is featured in the first 14 episodes of the series.


I doubt there are many here who haven't heard of Sword Art Online or Crossing Field but I've decided to feature it for a couple of reasons. This was the very first OP I heard when I originally got into anime, and I have to say I very visibly remember thinking "oh wow, so this is anime when it gets real". The song perfectly represents the spirit of the series and is action packed, preparing the view for the show. LiSA's vocals particularly stand out to me during the chorus and I would always look forward to the very first seconds of the song while the number flashed across the screen before revealing the title of the song. Sword Art Online was a very important show in really getting me into anime and Crossing Field played a huge part in that, showing me how powerful an opening can be in setting the tone of a show.

I particularly enjoyed the emphasis the opening places on both Kirito and Asuna, establishing that they will be both be the major players in this arc. This in particular sold my non-anime watching self on the show additionally because I had just finished Valkyria Chronicles and was looking for something with action and romance. It's also rather neat that LiSA decided to release an official English version of the song and it was a vastly different experience listening to the song in English compared to the Japanese version.


Best Moment: 0:56 - I've always had a particular soft spot for this scene of Kirito and Asuna fighting together, and this part really emphasized that she was going to be an important player in this arc of the series.

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