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OP/ED a Day #48: Fly me to the Moon

Title: Fly me to the Moon | Artist: Claire Littley | Show: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Description: The ending theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion. It comes in many versions through out the show changing with practically every episode. It's also probably the oldest song that will end up on this list (The original song being written 41 years before the show even aired).


Why You Picked It: Being the month of love I decided to pick a classic love song. Every part of this song is fantastic from the bossanova jazz beat to the piano solo after the second verse and the fantastic vocal performance. The main reason I picked it though? Dem Strings:

.... And I guess the show holds a little bit of nostalgia value for me as well.

Side note: Kinja seemed to want to post this 2 days ago so I'm posting it again.

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