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OP/ED a Day #42: Sweet & Sweet CHERRY - Golden Time

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February, the month of love. It's self explanatory why so many OP/EDs have been from romance anime this month. My entry is no different, It comes from a Romance called Golden Time.


Looking back to when this show was airing, there was a period of episodes that just left me in awe. Week after week the show itself almost put me to tears, but with out fail, I could count on the ending to put me past the point of man-card retention. I remember getting out of work on Thursday nights. I would take a moment to look up into the sky, and reflect on what was to come that night. I'd enter my car, turn the radio off, and hum the tune of the ending song. Shivers, goosebumps, feels, they were all present in these moments. However, nothing could ever prepare me for the real thing. The moment I'd get home, I'd make my way to my anime machine and begin the new episode. I'd watch. I'd near the end. With the emotions from the episode ready to erupt, and my anticipation heightened by the preparation, as soon as the ending would start, I'd be sent into a feelicious comatose. "The piano! The pretty colours! Kaga Kouko! Sweet cherries! Kokou's singing! Coffee latte! Engrish! My feel ducts! Why ish disth sow bewdifu-hu-h-hhl?" The presentation would conclude and I'd be an be an otaku mess of feels.


I'm pretty sure this extravagant experience is unique to me, but I hope you enjoy the ending anyways :P. Without further ado, here is my piece of chocolate found in February's box of OP/ED love songs:

Title: Sweet & Sweet CHERRY | Artist: Yui Horie | Series: Golden Time

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