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Lets keep it short and sweet, lets not go elitist with an 80s OP, or try to be witty with a super obscure hidden gem, Lets go for an easy one.

Title: Resonance| Artist:T.M. Revolution| Series:Soul Eater | Year: 2008

This month "theme" is supposed to be about love and relationships, and this op features a pair of literally soul-matched protagonists, so I guess i'm ok on that front.


What can I say about this anime, that most people don't already know?

Probably that the quality drops half way through, after burning trough all its budget, becoming an unwatchable mess. It only offers a disservice to the manga, with some of the worst filler ever.


But This op by TM revolution is close to perfect, the animation is superb, the lyrics match the action on screen, the characters all look fun and interesting, by far the best thing about this anime is this op.

So Here enjoy, go to the youtube link and consume it in its full 1080p creditless glory, before youtube decides to yank it


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