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OP/ED A Day #40: Last Regrets - Kanon

Title: Last Regrets | Artist: Ayana | Series: Kanon

Description: Last Regrets is the OP to the 2006 Anime Kanon, adapted by KyoAni from the Key Visual Novel. Unlike the 2002 Toei version though, KyoAni's adaptation just used the original song from the Visual Novel, which in my opinion is for the better (the 2002 OP isn't half bad sound wise, but the art >_>). It's a calm, serene, beautiful song that captures the snowy and clean feel of Kanon very well, and I love it for that.


Why I picked it: Fruity wanted us to do a romance themed song for February, so I decided, why not go with the feelz inducing Key? (Also, I had this one on deck even before that because I'm a big fan of it.) I picked it because it's one of my favorite OPs, because it perfectly captures the atmosphere of Kanon. The calming, snowy town they display is just something I adore (especially with KyoAni's beautiful visuals) and the music that accompanies it with the great vocals just nails the feelings that the show has. Every time I hear this OP, I'm reminded by all the feelz that came with it, and it's a soundtrack I love to hear. It matches so perfectly, and it sounds amazing.. what's not to love? In my eyes, it's one of the most beautiful OP's out there, and it's fantastic.


P.S: A little while back, Key did a classical cover of a few of the memorable tracks, and of course this means they did a cover of Last Regrets, which just takes a beautiful track and makes it even beautiful. The violin is just superb. Take a listen!

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