Title: Irony | Artist: ClariS | Anime: OreImo

In the spirit of Valentine's Month, I figured I should troll the crap out of everyone and talk about OreImo a lot. I'm only half kidding, because truthfully OreImo was probably one of my favorite anime of all time despite how much I kind of hated it. My relationship with it is tough to explain. As for the song itself, Irony is, in my opinion, the best song ClariS has ever made. The lyrics actually fit the show really well (or at last the first season :/ ) and the pop tune is just so catchy. I love the way the synthesizer kind of fades in and out very quickly. The video I linked above is the full version of the song, of course, but the video creator actually took cuts from the various opening animations (it changed every episode) then put them together for a full song version, and it's very well done. I still have a hard time listening to the song though, makes me sigh a little bit.