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OP/ED A Day #36: Zakuro

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Today folks, I will take you on an emotional journey. A journey about the meaning of true love, and not giving a fuck about what this daily feature stands for. :-I


Title: Zakuro | Artist: Suilen | Show: Hellsing Ultimate

Oh, and:


Don't continue if you plan to watch/finish watching Hellsing Ultimate. This song is specifically from the 7th OVA of the series.

Zakuro, played by the dark and moody band Suilen (who is also made the EDs of both OVA 6 & 7) appears at the emotional highpoint of the series when Seres Victoria's husbando is cut down by Scary-Tattoo-Woman, and Seres licks (not drinks) blood for the first time and goes on badass rampage in dirty clothes. I mean, her washer would die from repeated cleanings of her uniform! :-V Anyways, here's the song in all its yandere glory:

Wait, yandere you ask? Yes, it's 99.999% official unofficial theme song for all the yanderes in the world~. Let's take a look and break this song apart~~:

I want to cut into you and see for myself. / I want to see. / There, on the polished paulownia shelf, sliced up, lined up. / Is that where I live now? / Is my other half alive? / Are you afraid to be held down? / It's ok, I'll take it slow. / I only want to cut you open, and run my tongue along your heart. / Outside is the alluring, see-through skin; The inside tinged with dark purple fervor...?

The Outside is like a spellbinding transparent membrane. / The Inside is tinged with the black purple color of passion. / I am a pomegranate that's about to burst. / Let me spill! / Peel me off! / Gathering the Fiber... / I'll unravel for you. / I'll (go) bury for you. / I'll boil for you. / What kind of voice cries in your blood?

I'll turn you liquid. / To smear you and to taste you. / I'll mix (us). / To stitch and to caress. / (Let's) Entwine together. / Turn you into powder. I pant and lick you. / Turn you into mist. / I pant and lick you... / I want to suck you in.


This folks, is true love. If you think anyway else, all the wifus of yours in the world would never be enough to stop the relentless tsunami of little girls hacking at your door, tearing a large hole in it by ripping plank by plank, giggling madly and staring you in the eyes, calling your name (Senpai-chan) and telling you that they want to let you in on a secret; a secret about love, a secret about how they feel, a secret about a midnight frolic, a secret about a zakuro, just about to burst...

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