OP/ED A Day #320: Title: “Rage On” | Artist: OLDCODEX | Show: Free!

As a former high school swimmer, Free and its sequel Free: Eternal Summer hit a certain soft spot in me where I can’t but unequivocally love everything about both shows. And this OP flat out rocks so hard. Every time that initial “RAAAAAGE” hits, I get so amped for the upcoming episode. Also of note, the singer in this is also the VA for Makoto Tachibana aka. the Backstroke specialist. Kyoto Animation’s animation is great per usual, but the song is what makes this one of my favorite OPs.

Anyway, in my home state, men’s swimming will start their season in a couple of weeks, so allow me to reminisce. Yes, it is a winter sport for whatever reason. Getting up at 4 in the morning to go swim morning practices in single degree temperatures with a foot of snow on the ground is just as fun as you can imagine.