OP/ED a Day #304: Title: Let it Out | Artist: Miho Fukuhara | Show: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ED 2

Why I picked it: FMA: Brotherhood wasn’t the anime that I expected it to be. I expected a shounen similar to the ilk of Naruto and One Piece, but more contained. Well, it certainly blew that expectation out of the water, instead becoming one of my all time favorites anime. I won’t talk too much about it right now, as I’m currently writing my own review for it!

This song was certainly the best out of all the OPs and EDs in FMA for me. Let it Out contained all of the emotion behind FMA into 4 minutes of pure bliss. Miho Fukuhara was also chosen as one of Japan’s top 10 voices in a poll on a popular Japanese TV show, and I have to agree. It’s pretty damn awesome. Check out the article listing the top 10 voices below, but be warned. It’s entirely in Japanese.