Title: EXEC_DESPDIA/. | Artist: Mitose Noriko | Game: Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

Description: This is one of my favorite creepy tunes of all time. It’s sung by a party member known at the time as ‘Jacqli’, a hulking, bulbous black robot. (Turns out it’s a little girl piloting it, more specifically Myr, the final boss of the first game. Yes, the final boss of the previous game joins your party. She’s also one of the most fun characters in the whole damn series.)

In the Ar Tonelico universe, magic is performed by singing, drawing power from the singer’s mental connection to the Tower that holds their world together. The song, shaped by the subconscious and usually formed by the bond between the songstress and her knight, usually contains both normal conversational language and Hymmnos, a song-based language with a heavy emphasis on emotion that doubles as computer code. This particular Greater Hymmnos spell, EXEC_DESPEDIA/., is used by Myr to take control of an ancient commander robot called the Divine Beam (which is then immediately overridden and hijacked by the enemy, culminating in a boss fight).

Why You Picked It: EXEC_DESPEDIA/. is basically The Official Type-B Yandere Theme Song. It’s about establishing the singer as the listener’s god, queen, owner, and lover all rolled into one. The dark themes combine with the dissonant tunes, cult-like chanting, and static effects on the voices to make a wonderfully creepy atmospheric tune. The excellent metal solo and that final, powerful whisper are the icing on this sweet-but-dangerous style arrangement.