Title: Gun's & Roses| Artist: Paradise Lunch | Show: Baccano!

Some OPs tell a story, some use lyrics that convey themes from the anime in question, and then there is the occasional song that, while wordless, leaves quite an impression. Wordless OPs and EDs aren't too common. There was the intense, electronic OP for Brynhildr in the Darkness that was strangely satisfying. There's also the new JoJo ED, which is surprisingly chill. Well, today I have what might be the most well-known instrumental OP around. It's loud, it's fast, it's fun, and it may just get you feeling like you want to dance. It's the Baccano! OP!

"Gun's & Roses" and its accompanying animation lets you know what you're in for. Sure, all you get is the frenetic music and character introductions, but this song just is what Baccano! is all about. This is a show with the energy and tempo of a hot jazz tune. That joyful, almost explode-y feeling of the song is what you're going to feel during this wild ride of a show.