Title: Todokanai Koi '13' | Artist: Rena Uehara | Anime: White Album 2

Let's talk about White Album 2, one of the most criminally overlooked series of our time. Based on the visual novel of the same name, White Album 2 aired during Fall 2013 and did not gain a big following despite much praise on Ani-TAY. Todokanai Koi "13" is the OP for the entire series and is performed by Rena Uehara.

Why Did I Pick This?

White Album 2 is one of my favourite series of all time and I couldn't resists featuring this song which is such a big thematic part of the series. I won't get into spoilers (go watch this show!) but for those who have watched it, you definitely know how connect this song is to the main plot and the relationship between the three main characters. The song itself is great and I particularly dig the guitar riffs at the beginning as well as the chorus of the song. The visuals are simple but effective conveying the various elements of the series, setting the tone well for the series. Watching and listening to this OP during and after the show is a completely different experience and adds to how much I enjoy this one.


Best Moment:

0:03-0:10 - Those sweet guitar riffs during the opening card are fantastic. Also the moment where it shows best girl Setsuna on the rooftop is great.

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