OP/ED a Day #278 : Title: Utakata Hanabi (Transient Fireworks) | Artist: Supercell - Yanaginagi | Show: Naruto Shippuden ED #14

Why I picked it: I haven’t watched Naruto at all. The closest I’ve ever gotten to Naruto is from some of the PS3 games, which were pretty good. Utakata Hanabi was the 14th ED of the anime, by Supercell. Supercell is a name I assume most of you would know, being one of the most awesome bands(not really, they’re more of a circle) in existence, and don’t forget that Ryu, the songwriter, is also the songwriter for EGOIST! This particular song was sung by Yanaginagi, which is a name I’d think most would know as well, having an impressive list of anime OP and EDs.

Utakata Hanabi is still one of my favorite songs, about a love that couldn’t last (They never seem to). Lyrics are below: