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OP/ED a Day #263: We Are!

Title: We are! | Artist: Hiroshi Kitadani | Show: One Piece

Why I picked it: To the people that know the 19th of September is a very special holiday... International Talk like a Pirate Day. So for such a special day... I’m going to share some pirate themed music.


We are! is the first opening which covers the first 47 episodes of One Piece as well as reappearing in several different arrangements throughout the series.

Here is the version from 2008:

And another version sung by the straw hat crew:

and as well as appearing several times as an opening it also appears throughout the OST and I had the pleasure of seeing this song and many other parts of the soundtrack performed by the one piece orchestra live in February this year.


We are! We are! On the Cruise! We are!

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