Title: Wareta Ringo | Artist: Risa Taneda | Show: Shinsekai Yori (From the New World)

Let's start with the video:

What I'm about to do is recollect the first time that I listened to this song.

It was after the first episode of the series, a series that exemplifies dystopia and human distortion. The episode ends, leaving a subtle impression of concern for myself to dwell on. The ending animation initiates, but almost questionably, all that is given to me is but a single, panning artistic frame. Meanwhile, in behind this image, the song from the video you just ingested starts playing. I am engulfed by the stutter-step guitar, the soft voice of the female vocalist, the disarray caused by the synthetic injections. The song was embodying what I had experienced in the 22 minutes prior. Feelings were propagating in this moment; unease, angst, and confusion, but they were all accompanied by a soft, questionable comfort.

The second episode entered some changes. Some questions were answered, but for every new bit of knowledge grasped, numerous more cases of ignorance spawned. Only one thing was for certain, the endings visuals were about to ensue. Almost like a dreamscape, water filled the setting, stemming under a bridge that lead from nowhere to nowhere. Our main character Saki was wearing a Yukata, and for a good reason. Fireworks were shooting off in sync with the ripples made by her footsteps, walking on beat with the hard-hitting chorus. As the tune started building, the visuals twisted and turned, almost grasping the definition of vertigo. Then suddenly, the visuals deflated, showing an etched image of our protagonist, merely embodying what was to come. It was only timely that the song reached its final verse at this moment. As the last strums of the guitar were unleashed, a tear was shed and shared. The only thing left was for my thoughts and surroundings to rush back in to my field of vision as the song ended. I was truly captivated beyond explanation.

This had been the only show to display its ending animation in such a manner. For one, not many shows decide to only have an opening animation, consequentially, Shinsekai Yori is the only show I know of that decided to only have an ending animation. You read that correctly, there is no opening. Secondly, few shows introduce an Opening or Ending in two parts. Now since then, Crunchyroll has edited the real ending in place of the "single, panning artistic frame," but it meant something to me at least. And finally, this ending runs for 16 of the 25 episodes before switching out, another rare occurrence.


For reference, this was the ending to episode one.

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