Title: One More Time, One More Chance | Artist: Yamazaki Masayoshi | Show: 5 Centimetres per Second.

Why I picked it: 5 Centimetres per Second is easily one of my favourite animated movies, and for good reason too. While I don’t really want to talk too much about it, one thing I can say is that this song fits so perfectly, from the feeling it gives to the lyrics in the song, and that’s scary. This song was actually released way back in 1997, a full 10 years before the movie was released. Well, in any case, the song captures the emotion in the movie so well that I nearly tear up whenever I listen to it, which is actually quite often. The part with the trains? Horrifyingly heart-breaking. I actually thought to myself: WHEN WILL IT END?!

One thing to note though. This MV comes from the actual movie, and actually recaps everything. It can’t really spoil you because of how fast things move, but if you really don’t want to be spoiled at all:


There’s also the original version, which is actually a guitar solo throughout the song, and that’s really good too, so give it a try!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!