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OP/ED A Day #25 : Back Alley Space Boy - DAIGUARD

Title: Back Alley Space Boy | Artist:

The Cobratwisters| Series:Dai-Guard | Year: 1999


What If aliens attacked your country, and the only line of defense was not a crazy old scientist, but the municipality?

What if an alien attack was treated the same way a flood, or quake was treated? with the same level of Incompetence you've come to expect from your elected officials ?


That is the premise of this 1999 show, our MC Shunsuke Akagi an absolute Mecha Otaku starts his new job, at private firm 21st Century Security Corporation, contractors to deal with the ongoing alien invasion, and that treat our heroes as regular salarymen.

They work long hours, they write long administrative papers, they deal with all kinds of bureaucracy, and from time to time, they get to deal with space kaijuu... badly


with an underpowered super robot, Still, much like picking up the trash, someone's got to do it, and our cast is more than happy to oblige.

This opening is full of energy, a perfect fit for this light hearted mecha show, with a likable cast and an amazing premise. whether the series succeeded in capturing lightning with its outrageous premise, is matter for another day, what does matter is you can listen to this track 100 times and the only thing that will wear thin, will be the bearings of your elliptical trainer.


enjoy the ride.

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