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OP/ED a Day #215: Youthful

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Description: Youthful is the OP for the first season of Chihayafuru, a show I have talked about quite a lot, most recently here and here. Is the frequency with which I mention this show overkill? No, it is not. Have you still not watched it? You can here. It also stands out a bit in the sea of obligatory 90 second OPs by being only 70 seconds long.


Title: Youthful | Artists: 99RadioService | Show: Chihayafuru

Why I Picked it: Chihayafuru is a sports anime and any good sports anime OP should at least do one thing, get you pumped to watch the show. Youthful does this and more, everytime I hear this song I can envision the show and the events of the first season, the second OP is good too, just not as good. Having read the English translation of the lyrics I can say that they fit the show perfectly, referencing the bond that can be created by a shared passion. The OP is full of visual cues and nodes to the 100 poems used in Karuta. From the obvious circular scripts of the 31 syllable poems to the backgrounds providing a visual representation of the imagery of specific cards. As I have stated before, this is an OP that you should never skip.


The full version of Youthful:

Here is my last OP/ED a Day:


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