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OP/ED A Day #21: Jiyuu No Tsubasa - Attack on Titan

Title: Jiyuu No Tsubasa | Artist: Linked Horizon | Anime: Attack on Titan

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As one of the most popular series in recent years, we really need no introduction to Attack on Titan. It's first OP Guren No Yumiya by Linked Horizon instantly became well known but today I want to talk about its second and somewhat overlooked OP Jiyuu No Tsubasa. Translated as "Wings of Liberty" it is another song by Linked Horizon and is used for episodes 13-25 of the series.


This OP stands out to me because of how well it captures the raw energy of the series, conveying the upswell of emotions as the scouts depart beyond the wall. Upon closer examination, the structure of the OP corresponds very closely with the events of the second half of the series, without getting into too many spoilers if you have seen the show see if you can identify this too! Linked Horizon does fantastic work with this track, creating an OP that is instantly iconic and fits thematically with the show as well as with the first OP. The visuals are also impressive, focusing on the scout regiment and complimenting the song nicely.

Best Moment:

0:45 - 0:57 when the guitars and the chorus hits, showing the Levi squad swinging through the forest. Epic!


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