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OP/ED a Day #208: Clattanoia – Overlord

The way I usually judge music is if I would enjoy listening it while I take my often-daily runs and man does Clattanoia knock it out of the park. I love the explosion into the song; it just gets me so pumped up. Plus, I really enjoy the visuals during this section because it just looks so freaking cool because Momonga looks awesome while in motion. With the excellent first few seconds out of the way, the song slows down for the middle half of the song. The visuals also tone it down to match the pace of the song, which isn’t the best, but it has its moments. Finally, at the climax song, it explodes once more with a flurry of crisp animation. Hoh man and the final scene of the song… man, it’s just so great because it very much shows the central thing that drives the Momonga.


Though this opening does scratch my fanboy bone; it’s not without its faults. The auto tune used in the song can get pretty grating, but the song moves quickly enough that it never becomes a large problem. Also, though the visuals are awesome in spots, but the times between these spots aren’t visually engaging because they don’t have too much movement. All in all, this opening may have its faults, but it is too damn fun to not praise it.

Title: Clattanoia | Artist:Masayoshi Oishi x Tom-H@ck | Series: Overlord

Overlord Opening by animesong123

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