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OP/ED a day #187: Red Fraction

Title: Red Fraction | Artist: Mell | Show: Black Lagoon

So I’m not going to lie I when I heard that “Engrish Week” was happening I became a little stuck as all the OPs I liked had English far too good for me to use. So instead I’m going to use a song which while I don’t dislike has never entered my anime playlist.

In all seriousness. This is literally the most “Engrish opening” I could think of and I haven’t got much of a reason to pick it other than that... That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about the song as otherwise It’s a pretty standard J-rock song with extremely mangled English.


It also helps that Black lagoon has some great examples of Engrish in it courtesy of Revy. so I’ll share this scene with you from the second season.

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