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OP/ED A DAY #183 : Distance

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Lethargic? Humid? Slightly thirsty? I can’t help with two of those things, but sonny Jim have I got something for you to help with that state of tiredness. This is my addition to Engrish Weak! (See what I did there?).


Engrish is a very much hit or miss sort of thing. If done poorly and it’ll be immortalised as “that type of song” Correctly implemented but still sounds weird it’ll then becomes a musical equivalent of a hernia to a song. Then there are the songs where they sing it perfectly fine in English and it sounds enjoyable, then we proceed with golf claps and politely walk away. What if I told you, you could instead embrace the Engrish, let it consumes you like the darkness. Well then, that’s what we have here.

Series : Naruto Shippuden | Song : Distance | Artist : Long Shot Party

This is truly an amazing song which lets you have fun. Instantly revives any human within its proximity and those humans will start singing to this song. How so? The accessibility of the song in terms the difficulty to reproduce the same noise as the original artist. Even better, you can sing it in any way you like and it might just be better than the original. Honestly, this is the one song I would scream along with and it would still sound the same. Especially the part where the singer goes “Aaaah” , you could let out a blood curdling war cry in replacement and I would still recognize the song.



So yeah, there’s Engrish everywhere and in the video I’ve provided, while the lyrics that are shown say “power full tilt” I’m certain he’s saying “power full reveal”. That’s how good the Engrish is in the song. When you doubt both what you hear and what you read.


Nartuo opening sequences are always nice to listen to and watch. Mainly because they’ll splash the budget on the animation for it, though there are the odd moment here and there that they re-use scenes from a movie instead. (I’m looking at you Shippuden OP 9!) Visually pleasing sequences are never a bad thing in my book.

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