It’s rare to hear an anime related song to be sung by the male leads in an anime. Usually, if there is a male singer in an anime relatedsong, they are in a band that isn’t affiliated with the anime. So when Working pulled this off, I was quite pleasantly surprised and impressed because the opening to Working! was sung by three of the main girls in the series and this created an interesting dichotomy between the opening and ending.


Personally, between the first ending and opening of Working!, the ending slightly beats out the opening because the mix of country and pop is more of my jam compared to the opening. Plus, animation of the ending is pretty appealing even though it’s mostly just the main three males going through a run cycle. With the catchy music and the simple animation, this song is relaxing, while also being fun.

Title: Challengeat Edge of My Heart | Artists: FukuyamaJun, Ono Daisuke & Kamiya Hiroshi | Show:Working!


Fun fact about the artists in question:

Illustration for article titled OP/ED a Day #180: I’ll Challenge at Edge of My Heart - Working!

Now name those characters :D

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