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OP/ED A Day #18: Complication

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Title: Complications | Artist: ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D | Show: Durarara!!

So what makes a great OP/ED for me? Well there are a couple of things I look for, especially for a "baka gaijin" like myself. For starters, I love me some piano, if it's got some then I'm probably all in. Sometimes if someone's voice is like honey in my ears (Minori Chihara for example) then I'm all down to listening to some powerful or strong vocals from certain artists. Accessibility is a major factor as well, by that; I mean how easy it is for me to reproduce the music and sounds. Oh, and the level of "Engrish" in a song can sometimes be what pushes an OP/ED from okay, to freaking great, but that's always going to be subjective from one person to another. Songs sung by character/s (or more accurately the voice actor singing as their character in the song) from the show are enticing as well, especially if you like the character. Oh and how catchy the song is (probably the same as accessibility), you can't go wrong if it's cute and poppy or if it's just got a killer chorus you can't shake off.

Oh how it feels when a beloved series comes back with a sequel. DRR (Durarara!!) is certainly a fan favorite, and we should remember the good times we had with DRRR, especially with the music. I mean for crying out loud the series name is onomatopoeia for an engine noise, and its spiritual prequel is Baccano is Italian for ruckus! It's all about the sound!!


Let's first start off with the beginning of the opening sequence; we have a pan shot in grey scale of the city Ikebukuro. The beat of the drums & electronic quip is so atmospheric. How the title of the show fades slowly into our screen. The whole first few seconds is oozing with this feeling of a bleak situation. At this point of the series, you know events are about to kick-off and something bad is going to happen. Even with all this dreary setting, as we go through the sequence, notice how most of the city and the crowd are coloured grey or faded heavily with a feeling of being lost and undistinguishable from one another. The only things that retain its colour are the characters and surprisingly street signs. I felt like it was conveying a feeling that the characters are lost, unsure of what choices to make with no direction, but the city is offering an alternative, options and trying to guide them through street signs. (Probably awfully wrong about this due to over analysis and it was just a stylistic choice by the head honcho of the studio). It is a fantastic way to open the sequence and prepare you for the episode.

Listen to when they kick the song into gear; how the song crashes into the chorus where you can almost feel the intensity of the singer, as it goes through the usual clever transitions through the characters. It just amps me up so much, and it's great, because as the song transitions through the opening sequence, suddenly the backdrop of all the characters are alive with colour! It feels so riveting from the nature of the lyrics as well. At the beginning the words are negative, filled with scorn then as he enters the chorus with the colourful metaphors of how you can perceive the future and endless possibilities on how to change the outcome. (Probably found some dodgy translations so could be wrong again). This all culminates to a heart pounding and enthralling moment in the song.


As with traditions with how DRRR handles their opening, they edited a portion of the song so they can have a brief re-cap of the story so far, and if you've ever heard the full track you'll notice they've edited out the rap portion of the song. Personally I love the rap but I'm sure that a lot of people don't care for it, and I'm assuming the same with the Japanese audience. So instead they've decided to cut the rap out, and have more of that thrilling chorus which is a fantastic decisions, it's a great listen and really catchy.

Also remember when I talked about the accessibility of a song, allowing me to sing along if possible? Well the fact in this opening they feature some classic "ooooo ah" & "whooaa" which makes it that more enjoyable and intractable!


I also prefer this opening to the first opening of DRRR.

Fruity Drinks is not responsible for any of the consequent events that should transpire after the publication of this freaking awesome piece of literature. Should you happen to disagree with any of the above content, please transcribe your comments & thoughts on a piece of parchments and send it via Owl to Avian Sama, Minulle.


Also Fruity Drink was a casualty during the events of both Baccano and DRRR, who was currently recovering in a hospital, but has since gone missing. Please give any information that might regard to his whereabouts to your local authority.

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