OP/ED A Day #176: Tiny Lamp

Title: “Tiny Lamp” | Artist: fhana | Show: Gingitsune

fhana’s second single, “Tiny Lamp”, is one of my favorite songs by a group that, if you know me, is already one of my favorite bands. fhana has a very unique set up: three composers, one singer. The singer, Towana, has a really wonderful voice in my opinion that has this smooth, flowing quality when it changes pitches that very few other vocalists can match. The three other members often play instruments, the guitar, the synthesizer, and a sampler. The diverse instrumentation offers quite a few opportunities for a diverse sound (glockenspiel!), and “Tiny Lamp” is just one example of what the group can do when they get down to business. Here’s the music video of the full song:

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