I am sad.

I’m not sure if I have terrible taste or everyone else has terrible taste (most definitely the latter). I once mentioned that there was an extreme lack of nano.RIPE. Now I will shed the light again on this. Where is the K-ON love?

Let me sit you down, no seriously sit down. Now we can discuss what I consider the enlightenment. K-ON will forever be in the pantheon of the best shows. K-ON has left an everlasting impression both on its viewers and the medium it sustains. An eternal echo in the space we inhabit which today reverberates the very fabric of reality we live in. Last time I checked, forever and eternal are a long time. That’s how good K-ON is. There’s a very good chance you’ve heard of this show, be it you passed it up which I say to you, pick it up now and watch it. If you dropped it, then clearly you’re beyond hope and reason. If you haven’t heard of it, just simply watch it.

I’ve chosen a very popular song (probably the most popular one) from this series and let’s just watch some propaganda together.

Wasn’t that convincing? Of course it was. Good job reader!

Series : K:On! | Song : Don’t say “lazy” | Artist : Yoko Hikasa , Aki Toyosaki, Satomi Sato & Minako Kotobuki


Now let’s just state some obvious here. It’s bloody catchy; it’s probably catchier than HIV. That’s how infectious that song is! Through a sheer combination of simply outstanding singing, music composition (like I know what it really is) and alluring visceral scenes that is synced up to the song, we have what we call in the business (I’m not really in the business) a show stopper. How fitting for an ED right?

I don’t know if I’ve said this enough but Kyoto Animation is and always will be the king of character design. Not just the actual physical features of a character and the persona that comes with such a delight. No, KyoAni knows how to dress them up. It’s like every character could easily be on the front cover of Vogue/GQ (can’t forget them males) or a model for big Coco Chanel. The dress code for this ending is smart. Extremely smart as if we’re all attending the Royal Ascot (see! I’m relevant and totally not dead) Though Mio is a bit of a rebel, isn’t that adorable.

So we’re going to change it up from here, instead of doing the delicious and very spicy cinematography of the ending, I’m here to just talk about the clothes.


Note: Things are going to get dicey here, because as a male, I don’t know all the technical terms for female clothing. So….

Here we have Ritsu , a very tomboyish character. Often caught with her shirt un-tucked and speaks in a male manner. Yet here she looks ever so classy. Ritsu is sporting a shoulder length top with perfect frills sitting at the top accompanied by distinct neck straps. Notice the seams around the hip, with the light shining on it to give both shape around the hips and a very smooth pattern that doesn’t clash with her black pants. Smart choice by Ritsu, as we all know black is a colour that’s always in fashion. Let’s now focus on the hair accessory. Fantastic decision to keep the hair band that adds a whole lot of panache! Keeping in with her theme of smart, the flower she’s gone with is a strong black and white stripe with a dash of yellow in the middle just to reinforce this flower imagery we get and strengthens that girlish vibe about her. Ritsu keeps her hair style familiar with the aid of the hair band yet adds a whole breath of freshness to the whole dress. Finished off with sensible black heels, it’s an outfit that suits Ritsu well and she wears it well as shown by her pose.


The ever loveable Yui here has done well. Outfitted with a white shoulder length dress but gilded with lovely black frills both top and bottom. Her shoulder straps seem to be pearls which are certainly quaint for Yui. This sort of dress really reflects her personality well. She doesn’t stray away from the dress code as white is acceptable though hard to pull off. Yui’s attire this ED is a rather fun one, while keeping in line while expressing her character. The black and white striped tights are a wise choice to accompany her dress. White small heels seem fitting again for Yui but decorated with purple and black sphere ornaments. See what I mean about a fun design? She changed her hair style here but sweeping the bangs one side and changing from the iconic hair clips to also a flowery hair accessory. The petals are white which is good keeping in line with the rest of her clothes though a really flavourful purple is added in as the pistil. It’s certainly a dress that if stands out for Yui which in a way is an extension of her personality, especially looking at the way she’s sitting.


Tsumugi is more commonly known as Mugi. Mugi knows her stuff (because I do apparently) and knows where the limits can be pushed. The main attraction here is the dress. Clever dress, one side is striped black and white vertically while the other half is the classic black. Yes it resembles the keys on a keyboard! You’re very astute my readers. Now the dress is fashioned with immense black frills at the top and finished with a clean cut at the bottom. Mugi is a rather whimsical character and it’s only right she gets the most whimsical dress. She goes with rather outrageous lime green tights that match with her ear rings. Don’t get me wrong it’s a bold move that I think definitely pays off as Mugi is definitely standing out from the crowd and lets her show off even more. Mugi is like a Hollywood star here, with her hair naturally swept into a bun tied with a very classic frilly hair accessory. Wearing her long length black gloves, it’s almost as if she belongs on the spot light. Finished off with some black heels and we got the complete package. Look at the sheer confidence she has with that pose!

There are so many things right here that I’m not sure how to even start. Let’s go simple with the black shoulder length dress with really clear, defined neck straps. It’s not a tight fitting dress which is worth pointing out. It’s got that great sense of exuberance about the dress which is somewhat akin to Yui’s. The way it tucks in around the waist and then suddenly full-on bloom really works in this instance and what a payoff. Next what we got I call the “sock gloves”, where the gloves look like they’re made of socks, kind of like hobo gloves. Teal and black stripes, okay I’ll buy it, but fingerless. We have quite the rebel on our hands here with Mio which is a rather cute contrast to her actual personality. Now if you know me and you don’t, and then let me say this, I love tiny hats. Tiny hats are the pinnacle of anime fashion simply put. No, let me correct that, Tiny hats are the pinnacle of fashion full stop. Now with that out the way, Mio has decided to run with a tiny top hat. Yes, yes, and let me repeat myself one more time, yes. This tiny top hat is close to perfect due to a slight colour clash with the teal on sock glove with the red band, but the overall effect of the attire is just jaw dropping. With the added prop of the wooden cane which has a lovely gold finish at the bottom. It’s got this pronounced Victorian ambiance to it. Yet Mio keeps her outfit modern with the splash of colours with the teal sock glove and teal tights. Mio bravely goes with the strapped high heels while also adding a touch of flare with her make up as under her left eye. Astonishing dress sense and really pushes the boundaries for smart.


That’s why Kyo Ani are the king of character design.