OP/ED A Day #163: Innocence - Barakamon

The summer season is just around the corner and in order to pump myself up for any new season, I like to go back and listen to all of the OPs and EDs from the year prior. After doing so for all of last summer’s songs, I’ve decided that my favourite ED was Barakamon’s.


In my opinion, Barakamon’s ED embodies what I see in summer. The deep orange colour that mimics the sunset is what really supports this idea. If there’s any OP or ED that is perfect for my season pre-game, it’s this one.

Noisycell throws out an amazing performance, and the timing of the cuts serve to amplify the music with imagery. I find it great that the thick brushstroke art-style calls back to the calligraphy theme of the show.


I’ve stated a couple of things that I like here, but none are as moving as the focus on our main characters. The relationship between Honda and Naru is like an art piece in its own right, but their friendship becomes clear when the ED hits.


Here’s the ED:

Title: Innocence | Artist: Noisycell | Show: Barakamon

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