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OP/ED a Day #155: Lillium

Title: Lillium | Artist: Kumika Noma | Show: Elfen Lied

Why I picked it: In contrast to the last OP/ED I posted which was one of the heaviest songs I’ve heard in an anime I have decided to go with one of the lightest songs in my anime playlist.


For those of you that haven’t seen Elfen lied in brief it was a 2004 anime made by ARMs and more personally was one of the first shows I watched when I was just starting to get into anime. Elfen Lied has a very dark story and is extremely brutal in certain scenes and for that reason I find this opening to be an interesting contrast from most of the content of the show.

The song is sung in Latin and the vocalist is only backed by a piano and a string section through out the song and while the piece is generally sad in tone it has a lot more subtlety than the show it’s self has to offer. The song is also used for varies pieces of background music in the show with it being sung by a male chorus in the next episode previews and the piece also appears as a plot point in the form of a music box. And speaking of said music box...

... There is it at 4:56 in the full version just after the violin solo and string instrumental which follows on from where the anime cut ends so I’d personally urge you to listen to the whole thing.

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