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OP/ED a Day #151 : School Rumble

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Remember the shows where you saw the incredibly human side to every character past their cold hardened exterior? When you empathize with nearly everyone because the reality of this crazy world we live in doesn’t have a moral higher ground. Nor is there a true law and order but in actuality a different form of chaos which resembles the norm. Yeah the Netflix Daredevil was freaking amazing and if you haven’t seen it, go watch it! I’m here talking about the School Rumble season 1 opening! Have a listen!!

Title : Scramble | Artist : Yui Horie | Series : School Rumble

In a way I really was talking about School Rumble. One of the very few series that I consider a best in its labelled genre and one that makes me either very angry or happy depending on the day you ask me about that show. This happens to be one of the good days where I’m happy, but we’re not here to gush over one of the very best romance shows out there. We’re here to talk about this incredible opening.


I love brass instruments, so this was already a big draw for me. I also think we don’t have enough songs where you have your backing vocals as characters from the shows. If you’ve ever watched this show, you understand how fitting yet exasperating this opening sequence really is. The main vocal has the right balance and versatility for each tone of the song, from the super energetic chorus to a downright soft and endearing note during the verses throughout the song. Her voice just harmonizes so well with the background vocal guy in a way that just makes everyone want to jump in and sing out their throats to this song. So this opening got everyone singing along, that’s probably a given but what this song is capable of is to induce a dancing trance on its listeners. Just watch that opening when they sing the chorus and keep your eyes on the any of the multiple rotating objects! I didn’t know I wanted this till now. You simply can’t just sit still and listen to this, you’ve got to shake your body and set alight the dance floor (or turn the floor which you occupy into a dance floor in order to set alight).

This opening really has everything. A scene where the two main characters are standing in the universe back to back with then screen swiveling to one side to show a faded image of another character in the universe. The character riding on a bike with the sunset behind him along with a rainy scene with another character left behind in it. What did you expect from an anime back in 2004? There’s also a series of screen resonance with the lyrics of the song lightly sprinkled throughout the sequence which are just a nice touch to have.


Lastly my most definitely incorrect theory on how they decide to change the rotation from clockwise to anti-clockwise and so forth. You’ll notice at around 43 seconds the rotation is going right to left, or “anti-clockwise” with the guy with the shades which follows on with the rice and curry all the way to the scene with the pigs running around in anti-clockwise. Now we see a girl in tracksuits running left to right, now we can’t have that! That’s clock wise, so the screen transition is a nice one, flowing from one scene to another without a cut. So we now have a guy leaping left to right, then getting punched to right side of the frame, anti-clockwise! Yet…he’s spinning in clockwise! Since then every scene we’re going to see is going to keep switching back and forth from anti-clockwise to clockwise. That punch so to speak has screwed up everything sending everyone in motion sickness! (most probably…)

P.S If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. It really is one of the most treasured shows in my opinion which can sit along with a handful of other shows when considered as an all-timer.

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