Ah Yu Gi Oh, it’ssuch a nostalgic series. Whenever I think about Yu Gi Oh, I’m brought back to the time where I would eagerly wakeup at 8 in the morning to get my fix of sugary breakfast cereals, whilewatching shows that were clearly designed to market products to me. Out of allthese types of shows I watched, I was only truly gripped by Yu Gi Oh and well… Dragon Ball Z, but Iwatched that on toonami so it doesn’t count, I guess… Just the way the showtook itself so seriously really hooked me because it was so dead set on makinga children’s card game seem so important.

What makes Yu Gi Oh’sopening so fantastic is that it’s able to show us the entire tone of the seriesin this intro. Just the mysterious Egyptian like music followed with some quickdub step, which is finally followed with some epic orchestral like music evokedthe sense that series is incredibly serious despite it being about a group ofhigh school kids playing card games. Also, having Dan Green tell us time it isjust so freaking awesome and corny at the same time. I just love everything about this opening!

Title: Yu Gi Oh!Theme | Artist: Wayne Sharpe | Show: Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monsters