I’ve been a fan of Nico Touches the Walls since their music became a part of the Naruto OP/ED line-up, so when Haikyuu!!’s first ending aired, it was a given that it’d become one of my favourites. Technically speaking, the song has a country vibe to it which is normally a deterrent for me, but since I had never heard of country in Japanese before, the song caught my attention.

The sunset orange colour scheme that the ending has fits the show perfectly. It’s as if the team had just finished the season and are reminiscing all of their hard work. They look into the sunset and see what they did right and what they did wrong, but in the back of their minds, they know that there is more to come.

Here’s the video:

Title: Tenchi Gaeshi | Artist: Nico Touches the Walls | Show: Haikyuu!!