Warning: The video below is a (very skillfully constructed) compilation video that spoilers the hell out of the show and contains flashing images and minor squick elements towards the end.


Title: Information High | Artist: Sharon Apple/"Gabriela Robin" | Composer: Yoko Kanno Show: Macross Plus

Macross Plus stands as one of the best mecha I have ever seen. Not just the best Macross (to the extent that one of its characters warranted a cameo-of-sorts in the latest instalment and a more significant vocal appearance in the movie adaptation of the same) but really, one of the best mecha overall. It condenses the traditional Macross story without losing any of the impact or import; a love triangle, between two men and a woman for a change (and arguably a love pentagon at times), spectacular action that only escalates over the run and, perhaps most pertinent to this article, some of the most intense music of any anime I've yet encountered, all provided in-universe as any Macross series demands.


Originally a four-episode OVA series released in 1994 that later gained a movie, as is common for this franchise, Plus tells the story of three childhood friends: Isamu, Guld and Myung, after they lost touch and found different lives. With the former two assigned as competing test pilots on a Project to determine the next variable fighter and Myung on the same planet accompanying humanity's latest idol, the AI Sharon Apple, the three are set on a collision course that will resolve events none of them ever managed to put behind them, as well as bringing many other issues into the light.

This is Macross at its best. This is mecha at its best. And this is music making a damn fine attempt to match those heights.

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