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OP/ED a Day #133: Obsession - .hack//Sign

Have you ever listened to a song that sends chills up yourspine? Was it so memorable that you keep listening to it to this day? For methat song would be the J.E.N.O.V.A. song from Final Fantasy 7, but this song makes me feel the same way as well.


Obsession is afantastic OP that’s attached to a… not so good anime. What makes this OP sogreat is the way it uses the chanting with the background music because itcreates an eerie mood whilst giving the impression that there is some logicbehind the song. Since the chanting is in a language foreign language, theuncanniness of the song is enhanced, giving the song an almost lovecraftianvibe. The song just pulls you in with it’s bewitching chanting, but it alsogives you vibes of something more terrible lurking within… just like thedynamic between this song and the show…

I love this song because it evokes a lovecraftian theme. Itjust sends chills down my back every time and it keeps pulling me in, making mewant to listen to it more and more. It’s like an obsession that makes me wantto search for other songs that send chills down my spine or make me startreading some lovecraft.


Title: Obsession| Artist: See-Saw | Show: .hack//Sign

Fun Fact: YukiKajiura composed this song

.hack//SIGN Opening by trigunaltar15


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