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OP/ED A Day #132: Bokura ni Tsuite - Ping Pong

I’m a person that likes nostalgia. Now, I’m not sure how fast something can become nostalgic, but I can say for certain that Ping Pong’s ending will get there for me eventually.


Proton, on one Sunday cafe a few weeks ago, asked us what shows felt like spring. Ping Pong was my answer, and its ending is a strong reason as to why. As soon as the new spring season came around this year, it was the first OP/ED that I started listening to again. The show aired during spring last year, so the reason for it feeling like spring is clear.


The ending may be good, but it is a mere support for this amazing show. Ping Pong was, in my opinion and many other’s, the most under rated show last year. If you haven’t seen it, you should do so.


Here’s the ED:

Title: Ano Hero to’ Bokura ni Tsuite| Artist: Merengue| Show: Ping Pong The Animation

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