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OP/ED a Day #125: The Real Folk Blues

Title: The Real Folk Blues | Artist: The Seatbelts feat. Mai Yamane | Show: Cowboy Bebop

Description: The ending theme to Cowboy Bebop composed by Yoko Kanno and performed by The Seatbelts and Mai Yamane


Why you picked it: How has it gotten to May and no one has posted a song from Cowboy bebop yet? As you can see I’m putting an end to the lack of bebop. Among other things the show is famed for it’s fantastic soundtrack by Yoko Kanno and the OP “Tank” is also very well regarded but I have always preferred the ending theme to the show and it’s one of my favourite songs in the entire soundtrack.

This track is very tightly put together with a mix of Rock, Jazz and Classical instruments blending together perfectly. You can listen to this song 10 different times and there will still be subtle bits of the arrangements that can be missed but the horns, Guitar and Bass are what really makes this song stand out musically. The vocal perfomance also help to make this song one of my favourites as it mostly sits in a range that’s comfortable to sing along to (for myself at any rate).


I couldn’t actually find the shorter version used for the show so I have used is the full 6 minute version above. However, this means I don’t actually have a second video to post down below as a tidbit. So instead I’ll redirect you to two more songs composed by Yoko Kanno from earlier in the OP/ED posts this year for some further listening/reading enjoyment:

1) “Inner Universe” the OP for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex:


and much more recently 2) “Trigger” the OP for Zankyou no Terror

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