Title: SupaSoni | Artist: Super Sonico (Ayano Yamamoto!) | Show: SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

Description: SoniAni is about Nitroplus’s rubenesque beauty Super Sonico, and her daily life as a gravure model and musician. As discussed below, there’s a lot of hidden gems here!


Why I Picked It: This opening is like my progression with the show: At first I was on meh territory but as the show learnt to grow up I learned to love both. I started Super Sonico the Animation expecting a show about a pink haired mobile tit platform, but was instead treated to an awesome slice of life that surprised me in so many ways, particularly in it’s unusually effective moe delivery and surprising profundity.

For me, what established the show and Sonico herself as something special was episode 7, as unlike the previous episodes it was quiet and reflective, featuring Sonico traveling alone through the beautiful Japanese countryside to get inspiration for a new song, while connecting with various kind but understated people throughout the journey. The episode was completely unlike the others, replacing the fun kawaii clutter with simple heartfelt moements, and personally establishing Sonico as not only cute but also klutzily sweet/awkward in the very best way.

And good lord, it gets better after that. Like the 22 minute monument to Sonico’s cats (Shu, Men, Naruto, Ajitama, and crap forgot the last one, but ramen nonetheless). And the heated mental debate it instigated on appearance vs. characteristics. And the thriller dance. And that freaking Christmas episode.

In closing, this opening honestly would not have stood in my music records initially, but as the show got better and better it grew on me, and today it makes me way happier than it should. Toryah!


Koda Kazar and I seem to see eye to eye on the show and it’s points, if this interested you check out his awesome review:


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