OP/ED a Day #121: Progress - Tales of Xillia

Now that the subject of Tales OPs has been broached, I feel that I am free to post my own personal favourite. I’d been holding off on posting these as it wasn’t so long ago that a certain article rather shamelessly collected all of them in the one place, making it harder to justify putting them up separately.

However! Time moves ever onward and all events come round again and again. So, today’s OP is presented thus:

Title: Progress | Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki | Game: Tales of Xillia (Jude)

Jude’s variant is my personal choice; it nicely presents his solid resolve and the skill and power he has a martial artist, as well as providing some amusement in Milla completely matter-of-factly ushering Elize away from the giant monster and gently over the edge of a waterfall, with Jude following only to keep punching things on the way down. Eh, maybe finding such things enormously pleasing is unique to me. However, one of Xillia’s unique aspects is the dual-character system; where you choose between Jude or Milla at the beginning of the game, subsequently viewing certain scenes specific to them during the playthrough, including the OP. So, if you prefer:

Title: Progress | Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki | Game: Tales of Xillia (Milla)

I was actually waiting to start my first playthrough of Xillia when Richard put that article collecting all the Tales themes up, and it served to get me quite enthusiastic about a game I had been somewhat lukewarm about based on the little I had heard and the differences from my then-favourite: Tales of Vesperia. Upon starting Xillia, I very quickly realised how stupid I had been to hold off from playing it for so long; it is now firmly entrenched not just as my favourite Tales game in terms of gameplay, but also setting, and perhaps most importantly, cast. The OP I blame credit for opening the season on these game tracks held Tales of the Abyss as its subject; a game I could not actually finish as I came to despise the majority of the main cast too much (especially tiny golddigger bitch), and as far as Vesperia goes whilst I like the cast I never got the feeling that I would find myself feeling especially close to them if I knew them in real life. Xillia’s cast, on the other hand, are fantastic, every one of them. In my opinion, of course.


And just to be cheeky, the Japanese and English versions of my prior favourite: Ring a Bell by Bonnie Pink.

Happy April! See you in May! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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