OP/ED a Day #118: Karma - Tales of the Abyss

Have you ever seen an opening so well paced that even tillthis day you can remember it vividly? This is what the opening to Tales of the Abyss is to me… once Ilistened to the version with vocals, which was only in the in the Japanese versionof the game…


What makes this opening so good is that it’s incredibly wellpaced. The beginning starts off moderately slowly with the number ofinstruments and the vocals starting off pretty mellow, but as the song go on,the instruments start to pick up the pace to match the vocals, which are alsopicking up the pace. Finally at the end, the song hits its peak to release allthe tension it had been building up through out the song with some incredibleguitar riffs and percussion.

Karma is an explosive yet mellow song that has visuals thatmatch the song incredibly well, has some unique audio properties to it, and iseasily one of my favorite parts of Talesof the Abyss.


Title: Karma | Artist: Bump of Chicken | Show/Game: Tales of the Abyss

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