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OP/ED A Day #114: This Game

Title: This Game| Artist: Konomi Suzuki | Show: No Game No Life

This is one of my top five OPs of all time.

It’s tough to pick an overall favorite, but This Game is most definitely in the running. The really cool sound effects coupled with Konomi Suzuki’s really nice voice worked really well, and the upbeat game-y kind of sound worked perfectly with the show while also adding a sort of epic-ness to the intro that helped catapult No Game No Life to one of my favorite anime. The full version is what really knocks it out of the park though. It first opens with an extended piano feature before going into the epic introductory notes, and the transition from the chorus to the second verse showcases some powerful vocals on Suzuki’s part. The ending chorus is even pitched up (a method of ending music that I am quite fond of) and it ends as solidly as it began.

Many of you know how obsessed with music I can get, but this song is basically god-tier when it comes to craze, I anticipated the release date of May 21st (yes I pulled that from memory without looking it up, no joke) from the moment I first heard it, and from release day onwards for the next three months I played it multiple times every day. I still listen to it frequently. This better win this week or I will lose all faith in Imanity.


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